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Residents of Suffolk County have easy access to gum grafting and reconstruction thanks to Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Rocky Point, New York.

Receding gums leave delicate tooth roots exposed, leading to increased sensitivity and vulnerability to infection and trauma. Gum reconstruction, also known as gum grafting, is a viable treatment for receding gums. In instances where gum recession is significant, patients are more at risk for root gouging, not to mention pain when eating hot or cold foods.

Gum graft & reconstruction dentist Suffolk County, NY

To eliminate this tooth sensitivity, which often leads to greater problems down the line, gum graft dentists Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliott can cover the affected area with a free gingival or connective tissue graft. At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, this type of periodontal surgery is your key to a vibrant smile and improved oral health. Gum reconstruction can be performed on just one tooth or several teeth in our own state-of-the-art Suffolk County cosmetic dentistry practice in Rocky Point, New York.

Gum reconstruction benefits

A gum graft can also benefit those with a toothy smile, as the surgeon lowers the gum line to a level more proportionate with the teeth.

Benefits of gum reconstruction:

  • receding gums 2Reduced sensitivity to cold and hot foods or drinks
  • Improved periodontal health with less danger of bone and tissue loss
  • Less risk of tooth decay as the exposed roots are permanently protected
  • Enhanced aesthetics, since the procedure can restore your original gum line or make long teeth appear shorter
  • Covers up crown margins that have become exposed

Receding gums treatment

Generally speaking, there are three main methods for a gum lift or gum grafting surgery at our practice. Which type of graft used will depend largely on the amount of recession and amount of healthy gum tissue. If not treated early, advanced cases of receding gums can cause chronic inflammation, root exposure, cavities and tooth loss. Once recession has reached the mucosa, the mouth is more prone to bacterial penetration, which is why it’s crucial to be proactive to prevent further recession and/or bone loss.

At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer the following types of receding gums treatment:

  • Connective tissue graft — This is the most common method of gum grafting surgery, in which tissue is taken from your palate and then stitched to exposed roots, where the gum is recessed. The connective tissue is harvested from a flap of skin made within the palate.
  • Free gingival graft —For patients with especially thin gums, a free gingival graft may be more suitable. In this procedure, the surgeon removes tissue directly from the surface of the palate (without making a flap) and then applies it to the gum area that needs thickening.
  • Pedical graft — Tissue is harvested from gum near the affected tooth in this reconstruction technique, which then uses the pedicle – or gum flap – to cover the exposed portion of the root. This method is only successful in patients who have adequate gum tissue near the affected area.

In some circumstances, gum graft tissue is collected from a human donor. After evaluating your individual case, Dr. Elliot or Dr. Nick – who have advanced surgical training in soft tissue management, including free and connective tissue grafts – will decide which technique will deliver the best results. The procedure is performed using local anesthetic and can last from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the amount of reconstruction needed.

Gum reconstruction recovery and results

Lady smiling with LumineersPatients are often pleasantly surprised by the minimal discomfort and downtime after their treatment. Any pain can be addressed with common over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. Patients should stick to soft foods such as pasta, yoghurt, cottage cheese and the like for the first week or two post-operatively. Most people are back to their normal routine by the next day and the mouth should be fully healed within two weeks.

To maintain your results and prevent future gum recession and disease, Dr. Elliott and Dr. Nick suggest that patients:

  • Practice good oral hygiene with daily flossingG
  • Return for regular dental cleanings and checkups
  • Abstain from smoking
  • Brush gently to prevent your gums from receding further

Low gum graft cost

Most dental insurance carriers will cover a portion of gum grafting costs, so be sure to inquire if this is included in your plan. Those without insurance can rest assured that this procedure is affordable at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, where we strive to offer flexible payment options. To discuss your situation, please call our office for a no-charge consultation so we can explain costs and the various options provided.

Periodontal surgery on Long Island

It is estimated that up to 12 percent of adults suffer from the advanced stages of receding gums. If you’re tired of root sensitivity or are worried about aesthetics and are thinking about treatment, we can perform the procedure safely and quickly in our Long Island office. If treated early, gum grafting treatments can deliver dramatic results – both functionally and cosmetically.

To schedule a consultation with a member of our Suffolk County cosmetic dentistry team, we invite you to call (631) 744-5700.We also a full range of dental implant services, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening.



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