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Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot perform all forms of oral surgery, including wisdom teeth extractions, in their conveniently located Rocky Point office, serving Long Island residents throughout Suffolk County.

Tooth extraction is a common general dentistry procedure that involves the removal of a tooth from the socket within the jaw bone.

There are several circumstances in which tooth extraction may be required, including:

  • A tooth has been so seriously damaged by trauma or decay that it cannot be restored
  • Additional room is needed for orthodontic treatment to be commenced
  • Wisdom teeth have become impacted or are growing in such a way as to crowd existing teeth

Long Island oral surgeons

At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are well-versed in all types of dental extraction and oral surgery procedures and look forward to providing you with a treatment experience that exceeds your expectations.

Wisdom tooth extractions

The procedure known as wisdom tooth extraction is performed in order to remove one or more of the four permanent teeth that sit in the far corners of the mouth. When wisdom teeth lack sufficient room to grow, a condition known as impaction, serious discomfort, infection and other issues may develop. For some patients, wisdom teeth can damage surrounding portions of bone and preclude successful straightening treatment via orthodontic techniques. Under such circumstances, removal is often indicated.

Extractions in advance of implant procedures

The growing popularity of dental implants offers patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth the ability to reclaim a full, brilliant smile. However, there are often instances in which broken or degraded teeth must first be extracted in order to make way for the implants themselves. Teeth that have broken beneath the gum line frequently require a surgical extraction involving an incision made while the patient is under general anesthetic.

Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot possess vast experience removing teeth in advance of placing implants such as the All on 4 procedure our office is proud to offer.

Dental surgery procedures

In a simple extraction done on teeth that are clearly visible inside the mouth, a local anesthetic is generally used. Instruments will be utilized as a means to lift and grab the tooth, which will then be moved back and forth in order to break the periodontal ligament. Soon, the tooth will be sufficiently loosened to be easily removed through the application of steady, slow force.

Surgical extractions requiring incisions may also involve elevation of the soft tissue that overlays tooth and bone. It may also be necessary to remove portions of the underlying jaw bone by using a drill. To make removal easier, a tooth may be split into fragments. The process causes minimal discomfort, as it is typically performed under general anesthetic.

Once an extraction is complete, stitches may be placed and the patient is asked to bite on a gauze pad to stop any lingering bleeding. Patients whose procedures were performed with the aid of general or sedation anesthesia will need to allow the medication to subside before leaving the office. Those who receive only local anesthetic will require a much shorter period of in-office recovery.

Recovery from oral surgery

For most tooth extraction and oral surgery patients, the full recovery process lasts a few days at the most. It is common to experience some tenderness or discomfort initially, though over-the-counter pain relievers are generally sufficient to address them. It is wise to begin taking such medications immediately after the procedure as a preventive measure, rather than waiting for the pain to start. Ice packs and cold compresses can be extremely useful in warding off unsightly swelling.

Some patients may be given antibiotics to stave off possible infection. It is essential to take such medication exactly as prescribed and to complete the course. Patients should always follow their doctor’s instructions with regard to keeping the mouth clean and rinsed properly during recovery. It is often recommended that patients follow a soft diet for several days to several weeks, depending on the location and complexity of their extraction, to prevent irritation, bleeding and swelling.

For the majority of patients, following the after-care instructions will result in a rapid, straightforward recovery.

However, it is important to be on guard for the signs of complications and contact the dentist if any of the following should occur:

  • Excessive bleeding begins
  • Excessive swelling persists
  • Pain becomes unmanageable
  • Surgical dressings are displaced
  • Fever develops
  • Adverse reaction to medication

Oral surgery and tooth extraction represent extremely important procedures for countless patients who are experiencing wisdom tooth impaction, who have suffered dental injury or decay, or who simply need to make room for functional, attractive dental implants. Those who undergo extractions will often be able to prevent dangerous complications, infection, gum disease and have the freedom to receive the cosmetic treatments necessary to create a truly stunning smile.

Low cost dental surgery in Suffolk County, New York

Effective dental care is more affordable than you may realize. Dr. Nick & Dr. Elliot do everything in their power to offer oral surgery procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction, for reasonable prices to Suffolk County residents. Payment plans are available to help finance the cost of of general dentistry procedures. Pleas contact the Rocky Point office of Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry to have all of your financial options outlined.

Learn more about tooth extractions and oral surgery procedures

Tooth extraction is often the best method of maintaining good oral health and preventing serious problems from developing in the future. Not only that, for many patients, oral surgery of this type can lay the foundation for cosmetic treatments that will transform their smile and greatly enhance their self esteem. If you are in need of a tooth extraction due to impacted wisdom teeth, serious decay or trauma, or you want to begin the process of improving your appearance with the help of dental implants, we are here to help.

At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are committed to working individually with each patient to discuss their unique needs and concerns. Because we believe that everyone deserves access to quality dental care, we are proud to offer several financing options intended to make treatment affordable.

Initial consultations are complimentary, so we invite you to contact us today at (631) 744-5700.



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