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One place you’ll never find an alligator is sitting in the waiting room at the dentist. That’s because, unlike humans, alligators are blessed with one of nature’s lucky breaks. When we lose a tooth, it’s gone forever unless of course, we’re a kid and it’s a baby tooth. An alligator, on the other hand, can regrow a lost tooth up to fifty times!

According to US News & World Report, California researchers have found why alligators can do this and humans can’t.   Alligators have three sets of teeth—the  mature tooth, a baby tooth waiting to step in if the mature one is lost, and a stem cell that becomes the replacement baby tooth in case of another loss. Humans are missing that all-important stem cell, so the loss of a mature tooth leaves an unsightly space that needs to be filled both for aesthetic and health reasons. Meanwhile, researchers hope that one day they can find a way to regenerate human teeth.

Single and multiple teeth implants on Long Island

Until then, we’re still fortunate because the art and science of implant technology produces spectacular results every day for those who’ve lost one tooth or an entire mouthful of teeth to either accident or poor dental health. If you’re embarrassed or socially uncomfortable because of missing teeth, Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot can restore your confident and beautiful smile with multiple teeth implants in their Long Island office.

A dental implant is simply a prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. In the case of a single tooth procedure, a titanium implant is situated below the gum line to become the new tooth root. Over a span of several months, the implant will fuse to the jawbone forming a solid support for the new tooth.  An abutment or post is attached to the titanium implant to which a new porcelain “tooth” or crown is affixed.

Same day implants Suffolk County

Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot are skilled in both advanced prosthodontic and surgical dentistry and can make larger scale multiple teeth implant procedures seem routine. When multiple teeth have been lost and need replacing, new advances in technology have enabled Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot to offer their patients same day implants instead of the traditional four to seven month wait for the implants to fuse to the bone.

If you are already missing many original teeth and have had to resort to uncomfortable dentures or if advanced bone loss precludes conventional implants, All on Four or All on Six technology can also provide same day implants, especially for those patients with profound tooth loss. The Four and Six refer to the number of posts that are implanted to anchor your new set of natural looking teeth.

If you are in overall good shape with healthy gums and enough bone mass in your jaw to support implants, then you may be a candidate for same day implants in Suffolk County with Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot.

If you’ve been hesitating to replace your missing teeth because you’re afraid of the cost, Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of flexible payment options to fit within your budget. Why go any longer feeling uncomfortable with your appearance? Call us today at 631-296-0588 for a complimentary consultation.

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