A Beautiful Smile is The Most Important Cosmetic Feature, Study Shows

Ok, it’s official. A fascinating study on the impact of aging on beauty found that the most highly valued physical feature you have is your smile.

A study commissioned by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in recognition of Healthy Aging Month says that adults, when given a choice of losing weight, getting their hair back, fixing their wrinkles, losing the dark circles and bags under their eyes, or fixing their teeth will say—fix my smile!

The study, conducted by Kelton, a market research and strategy company that advises a hundred Fortune 500 companies on marketing, branding, PR and business strategy, polled 1018 American adults over the age of 18 with a series of questions to help determine what physical features will have lasting importance as we age.

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The study determined that most of us are pretty determined to keep up appearances. It found that 80% of adults admit they would spend money to hide or correct aging flaws. Some argument can be made that we’re in an Instagram, YouTube world and that’s why we feel the need to look good, but for whatever the reason, both men and women want to look better all the time.

Women (84%) are more likely than men (75%) to invest in correcting some physical flaw, but the numbers are not far apart. We’re culturally bombarded with images in the media that say slim is better, but 62% will spend more money to maintain the quality and attractiveness of their teeth than they will to lose weight (48%), improve hair loss (33%), fix the dark circles under their eyes (33%), or get Botox or creams to get rid of their wrinkles (31%).

It’s also noteworthy that younger adults 18-49 are a little more preoccupied with their looks and maintaining a youthful appearance is a high priority. A full 88% of that group will spend their discretionary money on their looks as opposed to 78% of the over 50’s.

Make the right first impression

There seems to be an innate recognition that a warm smile when meeting someone for the first time creates a good impression that can last a lifetime. A smile with a good set of attractive teeth has been found to indicate to someone you’re meeting for the first time that you are self-confident, are likely in good health, and may even be more intelligent than someone with a more compromised set of teeth.

Since the study is really about aging, the subjects were asked which physical feature can defy age best. Nearly half felt it was all in the smile, while only a third chose the eyes. Body shape (10%), hair (6%), and legs (5%) brought up the rear of features that will sustain.

Dr. Ron Goodlin, president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, said about the study, “The fact is, we are living in a time when it is possible to turn back the clock and improve some of the physical aspects of aging. With that, we find that our dental patients, both men and women of all ages, see a major improvement in their confidence levels which impacts every part of their lives.”

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