Comparing Dentures to All on 4 Dental Implants

28 Dec 2018 by  admin in Dental Implants Resources

smiling coupleFew oral health issues can affect your appearance, self-confidence, and everyday activities to the extent that multiple missing teeth can. Missing teeth can change the shape of your face and take away your reasons to smile. It’s an embarrassing dilemma that also has serious health repercussions, such as the deterioration of the jawbone, difficulty eating nutritious foods, and poor articulation of speech. But there are solutions for multiple missing teeth, like the revolutionary All on Four dental implant system. Compared to dentures, dental implants offer considerable benefits.

Dentures vs. All on 4: How they work

Dentures can be full or partial devices, intended to replace a full arch of teeth or less than a full arch of teeth, respectively. A partial denture is attached to framework that is stabilized by the adjacent natural teeth. The full denture has an acrylic base that rests directly on the gums. Dentures are removable appliances, and many people find it difficult to get adjusted to them. When you first receive dentures, it will take quite a bit of practice to get used to eating and speaking with them in.

In contrast, the All on 4 system of dental implants requires oral surgery. The implant dentist will insert four titanium posts directly into the jawbone. The posts are spaced out along the arch. These posts can support an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. The result is a beautiful, complete smile.

Dentures vs. All on 4: Permanence

One of the main advantages of All on 4 dental implants compared to dentures is that they are a permanent solution. Dentures must be removed every day for cleaning. In contrast, All on 4 dental implants are fixed in place. There are no significant functional or aesthetic differences between the crowns and natural teeth. Thanks to the permanence of dental implants, patients can enjoy better quality of life. Dentures must be periodically relined, which means additional dentist appointments that can be inconvenient for patients. Plus, they need to be replaced every five to eight years. Dental implants are made to last a lifetime, as long as they are taken care of properly.

Dentures vs. All on 4: Confidence

Confidence is important for patients with missing teeth. Although modern dentures can look the same as natural teeth, it’s possible for them to slip in place. This can be embarrassing, especially when dining out with friends or colleagues. With All on Four dental implants, there is no need to worry about losing your teeth in the middle of dinner. No matter what you chew, your teeth will stay firmly anchored within the jawbone.

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