Everything You Were Afraid To Know About Same-Day Dental Implants

13 Apr 2015 by  admin in Dental Implants Resources

No one wants to hear that they need a tooth extracted. According to licensed psychologist Dr. Lisa Heaton, who treats patients at the University of Washington’s Dental Fears Research Clinic, up to 75 percent of adults have some type of anxiety about going to the dentist. Even for the bravest patient, it’s difficult not to imagine the unpleasantries of nutcracker-looking tools and bone-crunching sounds, not to mention the hassle of taking time off work and waiting – temporarily toothless – for your implants to be made!

Take a deep breath, say cosmetic dentists Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliott of Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, because technology has come a long way to make dentistry more convenient and agreeable than ever before.

“With same-day dental implants, many of these old fears and worries are erased,” they explain. “If you’re scared of how you’ll look with a pulled tooth, if you’re scared of the shots, if you’re scared of pain afterward, come see us. We’ve got the technology to make the procedure as comfortable as possible and put your mind at ease.”

Can dental implants really be done in one day?

In the past, being fitted for a crown required at least two visits: one to take impressions and shape the tooth, and another to cement the crown into place. Patients had to wait several weeks while the images were sent to a dental laboratory where the implants were made. Today, the CEREC technology has completely revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. Instead of using the goopy paste of old to take the impressions, a high-tech scanner now precisely captures measurement data. Using the CEREC software and milling unit, dentists who have the machines in their offices are able to create the teeth you need, onsite in under 30 minutes!

Best of all, the end-result is virtually perfect. As fellow cosmetic dentist Jay Rodgers of Northbrook Dental Care in Illinois put it: “Every aspect of the crown is carefully planned, designed and reviewed prior to being created, so it turns out more accurate than a traditional crown because there’s no error from the impression. It causes me to have to be a perfectionist, because if it isn’t perfect, I can’t blame the lab.”

Won’t I need temporary implants or go toothless for a few weeks?

In the past, dental patients had to make two separate visits – one to receive a temporary “placeholder” crown, and another to receive the permanent crown. This entailed two numbing shots and two days off work, not to mention a world of discomfort and irritation with the temporary crown in between. Today’s CEREC system eliminates the need for a temporary crown and delivers everything you need in just one convenient visit.

“They took a quick picture, and then it was almost like Photoshop,” cosmetic dental patient Jenny Stringer told Chicago Tribune contributor Jackie Pilossoph. “A day later, he had the crown ready and he just popped it on. It was the easiest process. The technology is just amazing.” She said the end result was perfect and added, “It was the easiest, most pain-free process I can remember in a long time.”

Do same day implants hurt?

Linda Hembree, another same day dental implant patient, told the American Academy of Implant Dentistry that “bad-looking temporary teeth and an unattractive smile” were her biggest concerns while her custom teeth were being made – but her fears were completely unfounded, given the new method. Naturally, many people also worry about needing to take additional time off work to recover from the perceived pain of a dental operation.

“I went right back to work,” Linda said. “I didn’t feel any downtime at all.” She even underwent a more extensive bone grafting procedure to supplement a thinning jawbone. She recalled, “I was given pain medication to use if I wanted it but think I only used ibuprofen if I needed anything.”

“The dental implants look tremendous,” she concluded. Compared to the dental bridge she previously sported, the durability and comfort is better. “You’re not worried you’re going to break your bridge or afraid to go out to eat,” she explained.


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