What are Mini Implants?

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Mini-implants are implants for denture wearers. If you no longer have your natural teeth, conventional dentures are an extremely helpful solution. They allow you to talk, laugh, and eat with ease.

However, time sometimes causes dentures to shift. Why? Well, beneath the gum’s soft tissues lies a bony structure. That structure, and dentures themselves can weaken over time. The soft tissues can get even softer.

In addition, with time, sometimes the upper or lower jaw, or both, may recede. That causes changes to the contours of your face that may be undesirable.

If any of this has happened, the Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry team can help. With mini implants, you can achieve denture stabilization that gives you back all the pleasure of healthy, stable teeth.

Mini implant surgery has a high success rate in patients who have mild to moderate bone loss. After the surgery, your dentures can be conveniently and easily taken out for cleaning and sterilization.

What happens in mini implant surgery?

Mini implant surgery is surprisingly quick and convenient. The implants are small in diameter – that’s why they’re called mini. They are set right into the jawbone during surgery. The heads securely anchor your dentures.

Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot can usually stabilize dentures in just one hour. The procedure is done entirely in the office, using minimally invasive surgery and local anesthesia.

It is often possible to retrofit your existing dentures without the necessity of fabricating a new set of dentures.

A quick and easy recovery

After surgery, no long period of healing is required. Your dentures will be stabilized the day you undergo surgery!

You will not remove the lower denture for about two days after the procedure, to prevent excess swelling. It is also more comfortable to keep the denture in place after its initial placement. At a follow-up appointment, you will be shown how to properly insert and remove your dentures via the implant anchors.

For two weeks following the procedure, patients eat a soft diet. Some minor swelling and bruising usually occurs. It is important to follow a thorough cleaning regiment. Proper cleaning stops plaque build-up and inflammation, which can both result in the denture having poor seating and low retention.

Mini implants are a less expensive option than dental implants for your individual teeth.

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If you have been concerned about the stability of your dentures, or they don’t seem to fit as well as they used to, call us today for a no-cost initial consultation. Together with Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, you can review the impressive benefits mini implants offer for the process of denture stabilization. During your complimentary consultation, we will review your needs, the costs, and payment options.

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