What are “Teeth in a Day?”

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Teeth in a day is an exciting new procedure in dental implants. With same-day implants, all of a patient’s teeth or dentures are replaced by implants in a single day.

What “teeth in a day” entails

Also referred to as “all on 4,” teeth in a day are the result of almost 15 years of clinical research. This dental implant process is based on placing four implants in a patient’s jaw using a specific arrangement and angulation in order to make the best use of the remaining bone. As each implant is placed, it is immediately anchored to the jaw. The new teeth are screwed into place, leaving them secure and creating a set of natural and healthy looking teeth in function and appearance.

Why teeth in a day

Teeth in a day is a better and cost effective way of restoring large gaps or complete arches in the mouth. The procedure can dispense with false teeth altogether and create the appearance and function of natural teeth. This process may also be an alternative for patients previously told that they were unsuitable for dental therapy.

Who’s eligible and why

This is a sound procedure for patients with substantial mouth issues. This includes individuals who wear dentures and persons who are missing a significant amount of teeth. The procedure allows them to avoid future bone grafting surgery and significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in multiple replacements.

From the patient’s point of view, the advantages are obvious. This is a relatively quick way to repair the mouth, even though this is a complex therapy. Before implants are fitted, the patient will have to undergo various radiography procedures like CT scanning. There may also be computerized 3D scanning.

Teeth used at treatment will be classified as temporary. This is because up to a quarter year after the original implants, gum tissue will begin to heal. This is when those first set of teeth will be replaced with a better fitting set of fixed teeth.

All on 4 same day implants

Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry has been providing comprehensive dental procedures for the greater New York area for many years under the guidance of Doctors Koschitzki and Augenbaum. We offer the latest, most advanced treatments to ensure our patients get the smile they’ve been dreaming about.

If you are in need of dental care or want to know more about teeth in a day, do not hesitate to call LI Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry at (631) 296-0570.

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