What Can Missing Teeth Cost You?

31 Jan 2015 by  admin in Dental Implants Resources

If you have missing or badly damaged teeth, it’s time to give serious consideration to getting dental implants – whether for a single tooth or multiple teeth implants. You probably already know that broken and missing teeth or other problems with your oral health can be a source of embarrassment. But did you also know it may lead to economic disadvantages?

A new study demonstrates that individuals with poor oral health are likely to earn a lower salary than those with all their pearly whites intact.

Fluoridation study

The study, entitled “The Economic Value of Teeth,” was published by co-authors Sherry Glied and Matthew Neidell. The pair explored records of fluoridation and income information to determine whether poor oral health had an economic impact. Municipal water fluoridation is one of the greatest achievements in the public health arena, as it can reduce the development of cavities by up to 60 percent. If left unchecked, tooth decay may eventually lead to tooth loss.

The results of the study indicated that women who lived in fluoridated communities in childhood earn about four percent more than women who do not. In fact, “The authors estimate that losing one tooth results in an annual earnings loss of $720/year for a typical urban woman working full-time for a wage of $11/hour.”

The study did not show similar results for men. The authors concluded that this may demonstrate that women are generally held to higher beauty standards than men and that physical appearance may play a role, if only a subconscious role, in hiring practices.

In short, fixing your broken or missing teeth is more than just a cosmetic concern: It’s also an investment in your earning potential. As your dentist can inform you, fixing poor oral health is also crucial for your overall well-being. Missing teeth can lead to deteriorated jawbone mass, misalignment of the remaining teeth, and poor oral function, among other problems.

Getting dental implants

Getting dental implants is a superior method of resolving the problem of missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanently placed into your jawbone. This means that they won’t slide in place, or become dislodged when chewing foods or speaking. Dental implants can boost your oral health by providing the oral stimulation necessary to prevent jawbone deterioration. Additionally, they’re indistinguishable from your natural teeth, which means you can once again smile with confidence.

Other options for missing or broken teeth

Not everyone requires dental implants. If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, you can fix it with dental bonding. No anesthesia is required for this technique. During this simple procedure, a special tooth-colored material is applied and is sculpted into the perfect shape. Then, the material is hardened and polished so that it mimics your natural tooth. As with dental implants, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Yet another option for severely damaged teeth is having a crown placed. A crown is essentially a cap that fits over the remainder of your natural tooth. A crown will restore your tooth’s integrity, function, and strength, and it will also provide a pleasing shape and overall appearance.

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