4 Things Your Job Interviewer Will Notice

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Seasoned hiring managers have a sharp eye and a keen attention to detail. They’ll notice things about you that you might have overlooked yourself. If your shoelaces are mismatched, your under-eye bags betray your sleep habits, or you have a slight case of bed hair, you can bet your interviewer will see it.

Granted, your skills, work history, and experience should take center stage in any hiring decision, but everyone knows that first impressions can make all the difference—especially in a competitive job market.

Before you walk out your door to the office you hope you can call your own, take a look at the following checklist.

Your smile

You can camouflage an awful lot of things about your appearance, but a healthy, friendly smile isn’t something you can fake. And if you’re embarrassed about your less-than-ideal teeth, your job interviewer will notice. Imagine that you’re a hiring manager, and you’re interviewing two candidates. Susie walks into your office with an outstretched hand and a genuinely friendly, warm smile. Joanne arrives for her interview with a nervous, closed-lip smile. Joanne says all the right things, but you sense that she might not put clients or customers at ease the way that Susie can. Who would you hire?

The fact is that your smile conveys a lot about your personality. Your smile might tell people that you’re approachable and welcoming—or not. If your smile is more like Joanne’s than Susie’s, it’s time to visit a cosmetic dentist. A simple teeth whitening treatment can be completed in just one office visit. Porcelain veneers will take a little longer, but might still be ready in time for your big interview. If you’re making long-term career plans, then consider dental implants or Invisalign.

Your punctuality

It should go without saying that your interviewer will make a note of your arrival time. Never arrive late to an interview. You should assume that, on your way there, you’ll encounter bad weather, multiple car crashes, and construction-related detours. In other words, leave early. Hang around the neighborhood discreetly if you’re extremely early, and show up at the right office about five to 10 minutes early.

Your wardrobe

It’s much more problematic to arrive under-dressed than over-dressed to a job interview. Don’t go there wearing a tux or a ballroom gown, of course, but do dress as though you care about getting the job. Give your outfit a once-over before you get dressed, and check for issues like loose threads, missing buttons, or visible cat fur.

Your body language

Professional hiring managers are great at reading body language. They can tell when you’re nervous or when you’re calm—and when you’re nervous, but trying to look like you’re calm. Look comfortable, confident, and professional, but don’t try to fake being too relaxed. If there’s a table directly in front of you, you can clasp your hands together and place them on it. Don’t cross your arms, tap a pencil, or fidget. Remember to breathe naturally and show off your smile!

Making great first impressions is what we do

Here at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Suffolk County, we’re all about first impressions. Our cosmetic dentists on Long Island will help you plan your ideal smile makeover. Call us at 631.296.0602 to request your one-on-one consultation today!

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