Oral Health Equals Better Brain Health

3 Mar 2016 by  admin in General Dentistry Resources

We’ve all had the message that it’s good to “brush our teeth morning, noon and night” drilled into our heads starting in early childhood. Sure, who wouldn’t want a pearly white smile that withstands the years? Yet, what we’re not told is that oral health is about more than aesthetics: it’s an important part of maintaining a healthy body overall. New research sheds light into how keeping our teeth sparkling clean can also keep our minds healthy as well.

Brain health linked to oral health

Researchers from the University of Louisville School of Medicine found a link between oral bacteria and several kinds of stroke, including brain hemorrhages and the type of strokes that lead to dementia. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, looked at 100 acute stroke patients who experienced intracerebral hemorrhage.

Among them, 26 percent had the same specific bacterium in their saliva. Compared to other types of stroke, only 6 percent tested positive for the cnm-positive S. mutans bacteria. Upon looking at MRIs, they also found that those with the bacteria had more cerebral microbleeds, a precursor to stroke and dementia.

Study authors believe that this type of oral bacteria binds to blood vessels weakened by age and high blood pressure, which causes arteries to rupture in the brain. They hope this finding will lead to better stroke prevention strategies. “This study shows that oral health is important for brain health,” said study co-author Richard P. Friedland, MD.

“People need to take care of their teeth because it is good for their brain and their heart as well as their teeth,” he added.

General dentistry services

The professionals at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry are committed to helping patients lead long, healthy lives with routine cleanings and preventative maintenance, in addition to cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and straightening with Invisalign. Dr. Elliot and Dr. Nick are highly credentialed cosmetic dentists known for providing everything from emergency care for walk-ins to routine dental cleanings.

You may consider the friendly team at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry for:

  • Adult and child oral care
  • Annual examinations
  • Gum disease counseling and treatment
  • Routine teeth cleanings
  • Laser dentistry for pain, mouth sores, nerve and blood vessel damage, gum contouring and tumor removal
  • Tooth extraction or root canals
  • Same day dental implants
  • Migraine treatment related to night jaw clenching

Convenience is part of what makes Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry a great choice for residents who care about maintaining a healthy mouth and body. “The great thing about our practice is that there are really no limits to how we can help you,” says Dr. Nick. “Some practices refer you all around town for different treatments, but we can do everything from emergency dental surgery, routine cleanings and teeth straightening, to whitening, dentures, and same-day implants.”

Aside from that, Dr. Elliot stresses that their practice offers affordable care that seems to be lacking in other dentistry offices. “We work with you to get your insurer to cover as much as possible,” he explains. “In those cases where they won’t, we provide excellent counseling regarding your financial options from CareCredit and health savings accounts, to payment plans and the special offers we do in-house.”

Experienced Long Island cosmetic dentists

There are many general dentistry practices on Long Island, but few that offer as broad a menu of services, few as affordable, and few with as exemplary customer service as we pride ourselves in achieving. Call (631) 744-5700 to make an appointment with Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot to discuss your oral health in our Rocky Point, NY office.


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