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15 May 2015 by  admin in Gum Disease

A beautiful smile can turn back the clock by a decade or more, say Long Island cosmetic dentists in Suffolk County. A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that more than half of Americans over age 50 say that a person’s smile is the one physical attribute that they find most attractive in other older people.

At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliott help seniors achieve and maintain their pearly whites through regular cleanings and advanced aesthetic procedures.

Some of the cosmetic dental procedures we do include:

  • Gum disease treatment
  • Bridge or denture construction
  • CEREC crowns and white fillings
  • Tooth bonding to erase dark spots
  • Chipped or damaged tooth repair
  • Gum and bone grafting
  • Same day dental implants
  • Teeth whitening

Dental health concerns among seniors

Our cosmetic dentists are skilled at treating the most common concerns of the over-50 crowd, including:

  • Stained teeth – Seniors want their teeth to remain attractive as the years pass. Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliott can help by teeth whitening with Opalescence® gel done in office or at home.
  • Gum issues – Gum disease is more common in seniors who smoke, suffer from dry mouth, or take certain medications. Receding gums are another challenge that may arise with age. Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliott are skilled in gum grafting and reconstruction. We offer a full suite of high-tech treatment for gum disease, including ultrasonic cleaning tools, protective films, air polishing and soft tissue therapy.
  • Dry mouth – Cancer radiation treatment and certain medications can decrease saliva production. Without saliva, the mouth has trouble inhibiting harmful bacterial growth. Cosmetic dentists counsel patients on lifestyle changes and products that can help. Oral lubricants and rinses are also available for treatment.
  • Comfort – Dentures, tooth loss and loose teeth may cause irritation while chewing. Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliott use computerized technology to ensure a perfect fit for artificial teeth. With our sedation dentistry, you won’t feel a thing as you receive tooth replacements, whether you’re getting one porcelain veneer or a row.
  • Finances – Early detection and conservative therapy is ideal for retirees who may not have the budget for significant dental work. Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry accepts insurance coverage and offers low monthly payment plans. We can let you know about the CareCredit, Citi Health Card, and Springstone Patient Financing arrangements to make your treatment more affordable.

Routine dental exams are essential at any age

There is no set age for dental decline. Regular cleanings and exams every six months are the best way to stay on top of your oral health. Seniors tend to have more issues due to dry mouth from medications, limited dexterity, and mechanical wear over time.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to significantly change the appearance of one’s mouth is to bleach the teeth – which is a quick and non-invasive procedure that yields consistently impressive results. Another popular choice is to repair minor chips, discoloration and wear with tooth bonding, or porcelain veneers fit over existing teeth to restore a more youthful appearance. Replacing dentures with implants has become increasingly popular in recent years as the technology improves, making this a quicker, more efficient and affordable option than ever before.

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