5 Orthodontic Problems That Invisalign Can Fix

22 Aug 2018 by  admin in Invisalign

InvisalignYou’ve undoubtedly heard that Invisalign can help you get a straighter, more beautiful smile. But did you know that it can also improve your dental health? By fixing malocclusion (an abnormal bite pattern), Invisalign may help you reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even gum recession! Talk to a cosmetic dentist today to find out which type of malocclusion you have.


A crossbite is one of the many types of malocclusion that Invisalign can treat. It occurs when the upper and lower jaws don’t meet properly. It causes the teeth to wear down unevenly and to develop small chips. It can even contribute to the recession of the gum tissue and to the formation of small notches above the gum line.


It’s normal for the upper front teeth to rest about one to two millimeters in front of the lower front teeth. But in the case of an overbite, the distance of the overlap is about four to 10 millimeters—or sometimes even more. Some dentists refer to this as a “deep bite” or “deep overbite.” If left untreated, an overbite can lead to tooth wear and tear damage and to jaw pain.


In a normal bite, when the jaws are closed, the front upper teeth should rest just slightly forward of the front bottom teeth. If the upper teeth are behind the bottom teeth instead, it’s referred to as an underbite. If left untreated, an underbite can cause all sorts of problems. It can cause a person to have difficulty biting and chewing food, and speaking clearly. It can also lead to tooth wear and tear damage. Invisalign is capable of fixing most underbites. However, in severe cases, patients may require surgery along with Invisalign. This is because these patients may have malocclusion caused by anatomical problems of the jaw.

Gap Teeth

Gap teeth are quite common. This type of malocclusion simply means that there is a gap between two teeth that is larger than normal. Some people have multiple gaps at different points along their smiles. Most people consider gaps in their teeth to be primarily a cosmetic problem. It can contribute to self-consciousness and low self-esteem, and may make a person want to avoid smiling in pictures. But these gaps are also a health problem. Gaps encourage food to get stuck in the crevices, may increase the risk of gum recession, and can increase the risk of gum disease.

Crowded Teeth

People with crowded teeth have the opposite problem of people with gap teeth. In this type of malocclusion, the teeth don’t have enough space, causing them to overlap, twist, or bunch together. Crowded teeth are particularly difficult to keep clean. It’s challenging to properly brush and floss crowded, overlapped teeth, and as a result, people with this type of malocclusion often have tooth decay and gum disease.

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