Do Invisalign Trays Stain? Keeping Your Clear Aligners Clear

5 Oct 2018 by  Ryan Brown in Invisalign

woman clear aligners invisalignTeens and adults alike often choose Invisalign because it’s so discreet. Unless you tell someone you’re wearing your aligners, they probably won’t have any idea you have them. Invisalign is considered superior to metal braces because of its convenience, as well. However, before you start your treatment, you do need to know that there’s a possibility of Invisalign getting stained. Here’s your crash course in preventing stains, and how to whiten Invisalign attachments and aligners when they do become stained.

Invisalign staining 101

Your cosmetic dentist will instruct you not to consume any food when you’re wearing the aligners. Since you’ll take them out before each meal and snack, and brush your teeth before putting them back in, you really don’t need to worry about food staining the aligners. However, beverages can stain them. You shouldn’t drink anything but unflavored, plain water while wearing the aligners.

Even if you’re willing to risk a little staining, it’s not advisable to consume hot beverages like coffee or tea while wearing the aligners. This is because hot temperatures will warp the plastic and you’ll have to purchase a new pair.

Does red wine stain Invisalign attachments?

Do Invisalign attachments stain? You can eat and drink whatever you like when you’re not wearing the aligners. However, there’s a possibility of staining on the attachments. The attachments are tooth-colored “buttons” that your dentist will place at strategic points on your teeth. Not every patient needs them. If you do, it’s because they’ll help anchor the aligners and encourage your teeth to move in the right direction.

Note that you don’t need to worry excessively about staining the attachments. They’re made out of the same material that your dentist can use for simple restorations like composite bonding. This means that by the time they start to show stains, you might be nearing the end of your treatment. However, if you want to exercise an abundance of caution, try to minimize the attachments’ contact with pigmented beverages and foods. Or, swish some water in your mouth right after drinking red wine or coffee, and brush your teeth as soon as you can.

How to clean stained Invisalign aligners

Most patients will only wear one set of aligners for two weeks before moving on to the next set of aligners in their treatment series. So if your aligners do become stained, the stains won’t stick around for very long. But if the stains bother you, you can get into the habit of soaking your aligners in a cleansing solution while you’re eating a meal. You can use the Invisalign cleaning kit. When you’re done eating, brush your teeth and then lightly brush the aligners. Rinse them with cool water before popping them back in your mouth.

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