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31 Jul 2017 by  admin in Invisalign

Some of the main complaints people have about traditional braces is that they look unflattering and take too long. Now, Invisalign clear aligners can solve both of these problems. With Invisalign Express, you’ll get the same see-through plastic aligners that have made the Invisalign name famous, but the treatment time is limited to three months or less! “This is an incredible advantage for our patients, many of whom want straighter teeth for an upcoming special event, like a wedding or school reunion,” says Dr. Elliot of Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. “Invisalign Express can work wonders, but it isn’t right for everyone. Only a cosmetic dentist can determine if an individual patient will benefit from this approach.”

What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express is a game changer for people who want straight teeth, but don’t want to wait more than a year to get them. This new system is a five-stage approach that works well for people with minor orthodontic misalignment problems. It straightens the teeth that are visible when you smile. Essentially, it’s a light generation of orthodontics.

If you become an Invisalign Express patient, you’ll receive five sets of clear plastic aligners custom-made to fit your mouth. You’ll switch to the next aligner in the set about every two weeks, or as often as your dentist recommends. By the time you’re finished with the set, you’ll have perfectly straight teeth that you can’t wait to show off.

Is Invisalign Express right for me?

One of the drawbacks of Invisalign Express is that it isn’t appropriate for every patient. Your dentist will recommend the original Invisalign approach if you have major malocclusion issues, such as open bite, underbite, overbite, crossbite, or significant gapping or crowding. It may take longer to solve these problems, but the end result will be well worth it.

If you have less severe malocclusion problems, then Invisalign Express might be a great choice for you. Many of the patients who choose this treatment already had orthodontic treatment years ago, but their teeth have gradually shifted out of place over time. Invisalign Express can effectively correct:

  • Negligible rotation of the incisors, cuspids, and bicuspids
  • < 2 mm of crowding or spacing per arch
  • < 2 mm of midline correction needed
  • < 1.5 mm of dental expansion needed per arch

How much does Invisalign Express cost?

Another advantage of Invisalign Express is its affordability. Since each patient has a unique set of teeth, the cost will vary a little. In general, this five-step system costs far less than either traditional braces or a full course of Invisalign treatment. These days, many dentist offices offer a few different financing options. At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, patients can receive assistance with insurance claims, sign up for a low monthly payment plan, or pay with credit.

Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot of Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry are proud to be helping patients change their lives through better dental care. Invisalign Express is just one of the many cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer here on Long Island. We are Suffolk County’s one stop shop for brighter, straighter, more radiant smiles. Call today for an appointment!

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