How Long Does it Take to Get Invisalign Trays?

21 Jun 2019 by  Ali Long in Invisalign

invisalign teen clear alignersYou have decided that it’s high time to straighten out your smile, and have elected to do so with Invisalign. Assuming you’re a good candidate for the Invisalign treatment (most people are thanks to innovative aligner features) you’re likely eager to get the process started.

Once we determine you’re a prime candidate for Invisalign here at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we develop a customized treatment plan that begins with taking 3D images of your teeth. These digital scans are relatively quick, painless and require none of the goopy mess used in traditional full-bite impressions.

These three-dimensional scans are then uploaded and sent directly to the Invisalign lab, where your aligners are crafted with fit and comfort in mind. Now the big question: How long will it take to get your first set of aligners, also called trays, after the scans are taken?

Time period from scans to Invisalign trays

Most of our patients receive their trays within 3 weeks after having the digital scans. This can fluctuate by a week or so in either direction depending on whether multiple adjustments need to be made to the virtual mold and the final projection of how your teeth will be moved.

Dr. Elliot and Dr. Nick work with Invisalign to fine-tune every movement in every tooth – paving the way to a straighter, more beautiful smile. We are able to do this with Invisalign’s ClinCheck software, a state-of-the-art system that harnesses the data of more than 6 million smiles across the world.

This software allows us to show our patients a time-lapsed preview of how your smile will change in the coming weeks and months.

Engineered with comfort in mind

Once your digital teeth straightening plan is finalized and confirmed, the Invisalign trays are custom-made out of a transparent, BPA-free plastic material that is pliable and soft. Because every patient’s gum line is unique, the trays are individually trimmed to ensure a proper fit.  Invisalign trays are engineered so that they won’t irritate your gums and cheeks like metal braces can often do. 

The moment your first set of aligners arrive, the fun part begins!  You’ll come in to our office and try out the trays for comfort and fit. Depending on the patient and the desired outcome, we may recommend temporary attachments, which help secure the trays close to your teeth. These tiny buttons are undetectable and are removed after treatment.

Other patients may be asked to wear rubber bands to help facilitate the orthodontic process. From that day onward, you’ll be wearing the Invisalign trays for 22 hours a day (except when brushing, flossing and eating) until your next set of aligners comes in. Repeat the process for the duration of your treatment and watch the smile transformation happen!

Ready to schedule your Invisalign consultation?

Getting a healthy, straight smile has never been easier or more convenient, thanks to Invisalign. Our Long Island dentists are certified Invisalign providers in Suffolk County, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your smile transformation.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please call our Rocky Point office at 631.246.4992.

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