How to Keep Your Teeth Clean with Invisalign

5 Feb 2018 by  admin in Invisalign

When you feel good about your smile, you project confidence to those around you. Thanks to Invisalign, you can achieve your goals of having beautiful, straight teeth in a way that is comfortable and doesn’t disrupt your lifestyle. These clear plastic aligners are one of the best things you can do for your teeth, and compared to other orthodontic treatments, they are incredibly discreet. Get the teeth straightening benefits of traditional braces without the mouthful of metal. It doesn’t take long to see noticeable results with the Invisalign system, and the removable trays mean there are no restrictions on what you can eat!

Invisalign may be the teeth straightening treatment of choice nowadays, but there are a few caveats to consider when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and plaque free. Most people can get away with a 2-minute brush and floss session twice a day, but during your Invisalign treatment, you’ll want to set aside some extra time for oral care. This is a tiny price to pay for maintaining plaque-free teeth while correcting those orthodontic problems.

Sweep away odor-causing bacteria and keep your teeth ultra clean by following these 5 simple tips.

Brush teeth after every meal

You’ve just polished off a delicious sandwich and fries and could do so without worrying about food sticking in your “braces.” The fact that the aligners can be removed while eating/drinking is one of the greatest advantages of the Invisalign treatment. However, it’s essential to brush your teeth after every single meal – or sugary drink –before reinserting the trays. Why? Food particles trapped between the teeth and the aligners are the perfect recipe for foul-smelling bacteria, plaque build-up and an increased risk of dental problems.

Floss and Rinse

Equally important is to maintain a steady regimen of flossing after meals. It’s easy to do after brushing and goes a long way toward maintaining oral hygiene. In the event that you are pressed for time or simply cannot brush and floss, the next best option is rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash – preferably one that is alcohol-free. When this isn’t feasible, swish your mouth with a glass of cool water before reinserting the aligner.

Only drink water while wearing your trays

Always take your Invisalign trays out if you are drinking any beverage other than water. Juice and energy drinks contain lots of sugar that will sit on the enamel for hours, potentially leading to tooth decay. Other beverages like coffee, wine and soda can stain the aligners along with your teeth.

Clean the Invisalign trays before reinserting

Just like a sports guard or retainer, Invisalign trays need regular cleaning to prevent bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. Before popping them back into your mouth, take an extra 30 seconds to gently brush the aligners with lukewarm water. This removes any residue and will help keep your teeth clean. Ask your dentist about denture bath soaks and other specialty products that disinfect and remove bacteria from  Invisalign trays.

Stay hydrated

Sipping water throughout the day is one of the easiest things you can do for your overall health and your teeth! In addition to removing cavity-causing bacteria, water helps increase saliva production, which helps fight dry mouth and risk of tooth decay.

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