Our Team

Ellen Karpinski (RDH)

Ellen Karpinski is our wonderful dental hygienist. Ellen has been working in our office for 17 years. She is a master of painless gum treatment. Ellen goes out of her way to make your experience wonderful. Ellen prides herself in continued education and advancement in dentistry. Her priority is caring for every patient and brining them to total health. A visit with Ellen is fun and easy!


Desiree Fusco (Dental Assistant)

Desiree Fusco is our lead dental assistant. She has 10 years of experience and excels at putting patients at ease. Desiree is Dr. Elliot’s right hand gal at the office and she makes it happen! Desiree is kind and caring, putting patient comfort as her number one priority. If it is implants, dentures, whitening, clear braces, some day crowns, or general dentistry, Desiree can explain it in a way that makes sense to everyone.

Tiolca Reyes, CDA (Dental Assistant)

Tiolca has been in dentistry for over 4 years.  She is a certified dental assistant and continues to develop her education in dentistry.  Tiolca truly enjoys dentistry and providing exceptional care to her patients.  She strives to be honest, caring, and passionate about her job.  Tiolca takes the time to explain and answer patients questions and has an amazing chairside manner.  Tiolca is also bilingual!  She is able to translate for our Spanish speaking patients so they are fully informed and all of their questions have been answered.  Tiolca states, “My number one priority is making patients feel comfortable and aware of what is going on.  I always hope their visits are wonderful and sweet, like the fresh cookies I bake at the office every day!”

Daina Sindone (Hygiene Coordinator)

Daina has been in dentistry for over 15 years.  She has a diverse background in dentistry and excels at all aspects of the dental front office.  Daina loves the interaction she has with the patients.  She works hard to provide the highest quality and most accurate information for them.  Daina always takes the time to listen and makes sure that everyone’s questions are fully answered. Daina puts people at ease and no one leaves without a smile!  When asking Daina what her best quality is, she states, “My Smile!”