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14 Dec 2017 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Surprising New Treatments for Sleep Apnea

All sleep disorders affect health and quality of life, but sleep apnea is arguably one of the most damaging. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway muscles relax too much during sleep. As a result, the individual can’t get air to the lungs. The brain senses the lack of oxygen, and causes the individual to briefly awaken. Most people with sleep apnea aren’t even aware they’re waking up dozens and dozens of times each night. Because of the drop in oxygen levels, and the effect on the cardiovascular system, untreated… Read More

20 Feb 2017 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea: The Not-So Silent Killer

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To diagnose and treat sleep disorders, most people assume they should talk to their primary care physician or head over to a hospital-based sleep lab. But did you know that your dentist can also treat a sleep disorder? If you have untreated sleep apnea, it’s time to make an appointment with your dentist. “Many people don’t realize just how serious sleep apnea really is,” says Dr. Nick Augenbaum of Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. “When left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to life-threatening complications.” Dr. Elliot Koschitzki of the same… Read More

15 Apr 2016 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dentists Help Prevent Workplace Injuries with Sleep Apnea Treatment

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The Sleep Apnea Association estimates that there are 22 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea – many with undiagnosed conditions. A new study warns that these individuals may be twice as likely to suffer a workplace injury compared to those who do not have breathing problems at night. Research highlights dangers of sleep apnea A new report published in the medical journal Thorax emphasized the dangers of going through life with untreated or poorly treated sleep apnea. Not only were sleep apnea sufferers twice as likely to suffer workplace injuries,… Read More

21 Mar 2016 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

You may not think of your dentist as part of a fight against cancer, but new research has linked better cancer outcomes with sleep apnea treatment. Though the findings were derived from early animal research, it’s significant as the first possible link between oxygen restriction and cancer. Dentists like Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot believe that they offer the best way to ensure open air passageways in the night. Study links sleep apnea treatment with better cancer outcomes A new animal study presented at the European Association of Urology Congress… Read More

11 Jan 2016 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Places Millions at Risk of Serious Complications

sleeping man with sleep apnea

According to experts, roughly half of all Americans snore during sleep, and unfortunately, in far too many cases, their snoring is actually indicative of a dangerous condition known as sleep apnea. Simply speaking, sleep apnea is a breathing disruption characterized by a narrowing of the airway and relaxation of surrounding muscle and tissue. Though the brain typically jolts an affected individual awake before true suffocation can occur, sleep apnea can produce a number of serious problems. The good news is that improvements in treatment techniques are helping many achieve a… Read More

2 Oct 2015 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treating Sleep Apnea Helps With Depression, Says Study

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Depressive symptoms are often alleviated when sleep apnea is treated, according to a study published in the September issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Prior to the study, nearly 73 percent of the 426 sleep apnea patients showed clinical signs of depression. After three months of treatment with CPAP therapy to resolve their sleep apnea, only 4 percent of the sleep apnea patients had symptoms of depression. Of the 41 patients who reported thoughts of self-harm or feelings that they’d “be better off dead” prior to treatment, no… Read More

4 Sep 2015 by  admin in Invisalign

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign is a fantastic alternative to conventional metal braces that looks better, is more comfortable to wear and cleans easier. There are many factors involved in estimating the cost of Invisalign Teen & Invisalign Express, including the fact that most patients do not pay 100% of the expense out-of-pocket. The vast majority of Invisalign cases are subsidized by insurance, medical savings accounts and financed with 0% interest. Before you write off the perfect smile, consider the following questions and how they pertain to your situation. How many series of aligner… Read More

5 Jun 2015 by  admin in Invisalign

What Can I Do To Fix An Overbite?

porcelain veneers

The clinical definition of an “overbite” is the overlapping of teeth over the lower teeth by greater than 5 millimeters. It’s rare for people’s top and bottom teeth to fit together perfectly, but a deviation between 3 and 5 millimeters is deemed standard. More than half the cases of dental discomfort we observe in children is related to overbite malocclusion. The condition can be inherited from parents, but also exacerbated by extensive thumb-sucking, pacifier use, or tongue-thrusting at a young age. Symptoms may include difficulty chewing, jaw pain when eating… Read More

8 Jan 2015 by  admin in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Your Dentist Can Help With Your Snoring Problem!

sedation dentistry

Snoring may be a bigger problem than you think! Sure, it keeps others up at night, but it may be a sign of a condition that is more than just annoying: obstructive sleep apnea. This potentially deadly condition involves multiple pauses in breathing during sleep and puts you at risk for several serious health problems. Fortunately, sleep apnea treatment is available at your Suffolk County Dentist. At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot can provide help for your snoring problem. How do I know that… Read More

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