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20 Oct 2017 by  admin in Invisalign

Crossbite Correction: 4 Treatment Options

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The umbrella term for misaligned teeth is malocclusion, of which there are many types. Crossbite is the type of malocclusion that occurs when one or more teeth on one jaw don’t line up properly with the corresponding teeth on the lower jaw. For example, when a patient with crossbite brings the jaws together, a front tooth may rest slightly inside the corresponding tooth on the lower jaw. “Inside” refers to the side of the tooth closest to the tongue, rather than the lips. Crossbite is a serious type of malocclusion… Read More

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Effective Treatments for TMJ Disorder

TMJ pain

Rather akin to a large hinge that links the skull with the jawbone, the temporomandibular joint, commonly referred to as TMJ, is susceptible to a number of problems able to produce severe pain in both the joint itself and the surrounding muscles. If you are among those suffering from a tempomandibular disorder (TMJ), you know just how uncomfortable daily life can be. The good news is that many effective remedies exist, and Suffolk County dentists Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot provide a comprehensive evaluation of your specific situation and can recommend TMJ… Read More

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