Nothing Like a Summer Wedding to Bring Out the Smiles

13 Jun 2015 by  admin in Whitening

smiling coupleIsn’t there something extra special about a summer wedding? Sunny days, warm evenings, cool outfits, everyone looking relaxed, tanned, and beautiful. And is there a day in your life when you’re photographed more than your wedding day? You and your beloved will be the focus of hundreds of point and shoots, cell phones, video cameras, even a professional photographer (and videographer) stalking your every move.

You’re happy as a clam and that means your smile will be at full wattage all day and night. And it’s not only the two of you—it’s also your wedding party and your guests that are dressed to the nines for your special day who also want to look great. It’s a day you (and the cameras) will remember forever.

Let your Suffolk County cosmetic dentist help you look fantastic

Whether you’re a guest or the center of attraction, why not take the opportunity to see your favorite Suffolk County cosmetic dentist at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry and treat yourself to America’s #1 requested cosmetic dental procedure—a professional teeth whitening treatment—to look your best on the big day?

One advantage of seeing a top Long Island cosmetic dentist like Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot is that he can help you choose the right shade for your new smile.

“Tooth colors need to be in harmony with the skin tone and whites of the eyes,” says Dr. Frank Milnar, a cosmetic dentist from Minnesota. “Hollywood white smiles can be distracting because you tend to look only at a person’s teeth and not at their whole face.”

He makes the point that natural smiles are not really white but rather a combination of colors and shades. Over-whitening can cause teeth to become more monochromatic and opaque.

Two great teeth whitening options to suit your schedule and your budget

There are two terrific options for teeth whitening that Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot offer—one in-office and one that can be done at home.

If you want fast, effective, and safe whitening, Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry offers Zoom teeth whitening and Opalescence® Boost which is done in our office or “chairside.” This is a bleaching gel that is applied with a soft brush and quickly removes surface stains. The gel also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce annoying tooth sensitivity and to increase the strength of the tooth enamel.

The whitening results are pleasing—up to a ten shade difference—and you’re in and out of the office in under an hour.

If your schedule is better suited to in-home treatment, Drs. Nick and Elliot will take impressions of your teeth and bite and will prepare custom fitted tooth trays with Opalescence® whitening gel. The whitening concentrations can be custom blended to fit the degree of discoloration. Once the mixture is determined, thirty minutes a day for up to ten days is all that it takes to produce a fabulous white smile.

You can also combine an in-office treatment for your “smile zone”—your front eight teeth—with an in-home whitening regimen. Ask Drs. Nick and Elliot for the best program for you.

Teeth whitening from your Suffolk County cosmetic dentist is affordable

The cost of Opalescence® take-home or in-office teeth whitening treatments can vary depending on how extensive the discoloration is that needs to be corrected. Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry will work with you to create a personal payment plan that fits your budget. To learn more about how teeth whitening can change your life, or to discuss other cosmetic options such as Lumineers and Invisalign, we invite you to call our office at (631) 319-7891 to arrange an appointment.

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