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Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened at the Dentist?

1 Feb 2019 by  admin in Whitening

With the recent popularity of at-home whitening kits, many of our prospective clients in Long Island ask whether getting your teeth whitened at the dentist office is a worthwhile investment. Professional whitening can deliver significant improvements over DIY options in regard to both immediate and long-term results.

A Meticulous Clean

One of the biggest differences between using a DIY whitening kit and having your teeth whitened by an experienced professional is the focus on addressing the root causes of dental discoloration. While a whitening kit can make teeth appear cleaner, the process of having your teeth whitened by a dentist involves more comprehensive maintenance.

Before any whitening can begin, the team at Rocky Point Dentistry will work to ensure it starts with a clean slate of teeth. Your dentist will thoroughly clean your gums and teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and debris as well as filling in any cavities that need attention so that your smile is more attractive and radiant than ever before after the procedure.

Professional Tools and Techniques

Another important difference between using an at-home whitening kit and having your teeth cleaned at our offices is the tools and techniques we have access to. Whitening strips and trays may offer some short-term results, but our professional touch yields superior results in practically every aspect.

Our dentistry uses a higher grade of bleaching agent than a DIY kit, and we have the experience to ensure that it is applied and managed carefully. Our staff will closely monitor your whitening, performing an additional application if necessary to remove stubborn stains from the tooth surface while reducing the chances of post-whitening sensitivity.

During your procedure our dentists will fit you with a rubber shield known as a dental dam to protect your gums before applying the bleaching agent. Once the bleaching agent has begun to take effect, we can optimize the results with a high powered laser to give you a brilliant and natural looking finished product.

Ongoing Care

We will evaluate you after the procedure to develop an individualized action plan for maintaining your results, such as what foods and activities you should avoid to keep your smile stunning.

In the rare event that there is any adverse reaction to the process such as gum irritation in sensitive patients or an allergy to the bleaching agent, the value of our experience shines. Our staff can quickly address any issues that arise with your whitening procedure because the satisfaction of those who trust their teeth to us is always paramount.

Our Long Island teeth whitening procedures, including advanced Sinsational Smiles® technology, continue to stand as the most effective option for individuals in Suffolk County and beyond looking for the most sustainable results. Contact the experienced staff at Rocky Point Dentistry for a free consultation on our professional whitening services.

Tooth Whitening or Veneers: Which Is the Best Option?

2 Nov 2018 by  Ali Long in Veneers, Whitening

Looking for a quick way to get a luminous smile? Want to brighten and correct discolored or damaged teeth? Cosmetic dentistry offers many ways to enhance your smile (and boost self-esteem in the process!).

If your teeth are stained, chipped or misshapen, there are two excellent options for achieving a movie star smile: tooth whitening and porcelain veneers. These two powerhouse treatments are the secret behind many of those perfect smiles you see A-listers flashing.

Between teeth bleaching and veneers, which option will help you correct aesthetic issues and achieve the smile of your dreams? Both treatments offer amazing results and benefits, which we’ll outline here.

Brighten your smile with teeth whitening

Brightening your smile has never been easier. One of the safest, most effective and convenient methods of fixing yellow or stained teeth is with a professional tooth whitening treatment. Imagine lightening your teeth by up to six shades in less than an hour! In-office whitening with Sinsational Smiles® can be done during your lunch break and corrects discoloration caused by nicotine, coffee, wine, tea and acidic foods. Unlike over-the-counter bleaching treatments that can be unreliable and provoke sensitivity, professional tooth whitening is customized to your exact needs. Rather whiten your teeth at home? Ask your cosmetic dentist about having custom trays made for an at-home whitening kit. Just 30 minutes a day will produce stunning results!

Professional teeth whitening is affordable, and a great option if you want to turn heads with a radiant smile that speaks of health and youthfulness. Armed with beautiful pearly whites, your confidence will soar to new heights.

Key Benefits: Reliable, fast, safe and very-cost effective for correcting mild to moderate tooth enamel discoloration

Make a great impression with dental veneers

Veneers are incredibly versatile, making them one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments today. Micro-thin shells of porcelain or ceramic materials are bonded to the tooth’s surface to correct:

  • Severely worn teeth
  • Gaps
  • Stained teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Uneven teeth

Veneers are custom made and mimic the translucent properties of your natural tooth enamel. They can be used to make dramatic changes in not only the color of your teeth, but their size, shape and length. Dental veneers offer long-lasting cosmetic improvements and have a lifespan of 15-20 years. Another advantage of dental veneers is that they will not discolor or stain like natural tooth enamel, meaning you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without worry.

Key Benefits: Veneers can address a range of cosmetic imperfections at once and can restore the aesthetics and functionality of your smile for decades.

Suffolk County cosmetic dentistry

When choosing between veneers and tooth whitening on Long Island, there are many factors to consider, including your specific concerns, your aesthetic goals, and whether you want a short-term or long-term smile makeover.

Our Suffolk County cosmetic dentists can help you determine the best option for a great outcome. Get started by scheduling a free consultation at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry today.

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Smile Makeover Options with Amazing Results

12 Sep 2018 by  admin in Invisalign, Whitening

Before and after teeth whitening.Your smile is your most important accessory. It can show the world you’re a friendly, warm person who is full of self-confidence. But if you’re less than satisfied with the appearance of your smile, you probably aren’t showing it off as often as you’d like. It’s time to give yourself the smile you deserve with a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry makeover. Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry offers a complete selection of smile makeover options, including teeth whitening, clear aligners by Invisalign, dental implants, and much more!

Teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective way to get a brilliantly white smile. You won’t get results like these from over-the-counter products. Your cosmetic dentist will use a professional-grade whitening application, taking special precautions to protect the sensitive gum tissue. At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we use Sinsational Smiles®, which is both chemically activated and laser enhanced to produce incredible results in less than one hour! Plus, you can take home a potent whitening gel to prolong your results—at no extra charge!

Invisalign treatment

Few treatment options work as quickly as teeth whitening, but you can get straight teeth in less time than you might think. The average adult who gets Invisalign achieves their ideal smile within 12 to 18 months! And unlike metal braces, you can enjoy noticeable improvements in your smile along the way—there are no metal brackets or wires to obstruct your smile!

Many people choose to add Invisalign to their smile makeover treatment plan because they are discreet, effective, convenient, and comfortable. Little about your daily lifestyle will change. You can continue to eat and drink whatever you want, play sports, smile for pictures, and travel.

Dental implants

If you’re currently wearing dentures, missing one or more teeth, or expect to have a tooth extraction, you can talk to the cosmetic dentist about dental implants. For patients with missing teeth, dental implants may be the single most impactful treatment option for improving both the look and function of the smile.

This treatment is more than a makeover—it’s a restoration of your smile. The dental implant is anchored firmly within the jawbone, which allows it to mimic the natural root of a tooth. This is ideal because it preserves bone mass and allows for superior functioning. The implant is topped by a crown, which looks just like a natural tooth. Once you receive your new dental implants, no one will be able to tell that you lost your natural teeth!

Begin planning your smile makeover today!

You deserve a beautiful, brilliant smile that you can feel confident about showing off. Let Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry help you achieve the smile you deserve with our customized treatment plans. Call our office in Long Island, Suffolk County today at 631.296.0588. During your one-on-one consultation, we’ll discuss your aesthetic goals and determine which smile makeover options are right for you. Teeth whitening, dental implants, and Invisalign aligners are just a few of the treatment options we specialize in.

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School Starts Soon! Is Your Smile Ready?

9 Aug 2018 by  admin in Whitening

smiling student holding notebooks on campus at collegeWhether you’re headed back for your first year of high school or your last year of college, it’s always important to make sure you’re well-prepared to succeed. There’s still time to head to the dentist before class starts, so you can put your best smile forward! Go to your appointment with a list of your concerns, and your cosmetic dentist can develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. You might be interested in teeth whitening, for example, or perhaps you’re considering porcelain veneers. Your dentist can even help you manage your migraine symptoms, which will help you stay focused on your studies.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that’s well-suited to the back-to-school crowd, since great results can be achieved with just one visit and there’s no downtime required. You’ve undoubtedly noticed over-the-counter teeth whitening toothpastes and strips available at any supermarket or pharmacy. But the problem with these is that they’re not very effective. It would take a long time to see any results, and when you’re getting ready to go back to school, you need dramatic results you can feel confident in.

Another perk of going to a dentist’s office for teeth whitening is that your dentist will take special measures to protect your sensitive gum tissues during the treatment. This level of care isn’t possible with OTC products. Plus, your dentist can use laser-activated, professional-grade materials that will brighten your smile quickly and safely.

Porcelain veneers

Sometimes, teeth whitening isn’t enough to give you that beautiful smile you want when heading back to class. If you have chipped or misshapen teeth, or gaps between your teeth, then you may be a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Veneers will also camouflage any stubborn stains. If you do get veneers, your dentist will first prepare your teeth. Then, he’ll securely bond a wafer-thin veneer to front side of each tooth to be treated. The veneers look indistinguishable from natural teeth, so no one will be able to tell that you have them. All your classmates will notice is your beautiful, friendly smile.

Migraine dentistry treatments

It’s been said that 80 percent of success is just showing up. There’s no question that attendance is crucial to success in school. Each time you miss a class, you miss out on information that you can’t adequately compensate for by looking over someone else’s notes. But if you have migraines, showing up to class every day can be tough. Migraines aren’t like other headaches—they can be downright debilitating.

Did you know that your dentist can help you manage your migraines? It’s because migraines can be triggered by a problem with the trigeminal nerve. If you clench and grind your teeth at night, you’re more likely to wake up with a migraine. Your dentist can put a stop to that by fitting you with an NTI tension suppression system, which is a custom-fitted nightguard that prevents nighttime clenching and grinding.

Get a beautiful smile for the new school year in Long Island, Suffolk County

Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot are specially trained to create nightguards to treat migraines. You’ll also find a complete menu of cosmetic dentistry services at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Suffolk County. Call us today at 631-296-0570 to plan your back-to-school smile makeover!

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Your Total Makeover Checklist

25 Jan 2018 by  admin in Whitening

It’s a brand new year. Put the past behind you, and move forward because you deserve to be happy, healthy, and self-confident. What better way to accomplish all three than with a total makeover? Your makeover checklist may include your smile, hair, and wardrobe, but you could also extend it to include your home and your lifestyle if you wish.

Make over your smile

Want to take better care of your health and improve your appearance? A smile makeover can accomplish both! First, visit your dentist for a checkup and talk about the aspects of your smile that make you unhappy. Your cosmetic dentist can put together a customized makeover plan just for you. If you have any oral health issues, such as cavities or gingivitis, then you should take care of these problems first.

Then, treat your healthy smile to a teeth whitening session. If you have intrinsic stains that won’t respond to teeth whitening, perhaps it’s time to consider porcelain veneers. Invisalign is a perfect solution for people who are troubled by imperfectly aligned teeth, and you can get great results in less time than you think.

If you’re missing one or two pearly whites, your cosmetic dentist may recommend dental implants. These are indistinguishable from the real deal, and unlike dentures, they are permanently anchored into your jaw.

Make over your style

Now that you’ve made over your smile, consider a change in style. Get together with your favorite hairstylist to talk color and length. If you aren’t interested in something as dramatic as a pixie cut, consider a longish bob instead. You can also take some baby steps with your hair color if you wish. Try some highlights or low-lights, or do a total dye job that’s within two shades of your natural color.

Consider changing up your makeup too. Some women make the mistake of using more makeup as they grow older, when they should actually be using less. Using a cakey foundation can make lines and wrinkles more visible. Instead, try a primer, followed by a light application of mineral-based makeup. Try a bolder lipstick too. A vibrant red or dark plum will contrast nicely with your brilliantly white smile.

Make over your home

What don’t you like about your home? Maybe it’s lacking storage space, maybe the wall color is boring, or maybe you’re just tired of the “sameness” of your space. Instead of going out to a big box store, consider browsing some flea markets, consignment shops, and antique stores. With the treasures you can find in these places, you can assemble a look that is uniquely your own. Check online for creative upcycling ideas, and make your home your masterpiece.

Start your total makeover with a visit to Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. We’ve got everything you need to achieve a brilliant, healthy smile, including teeth whitening, dental implants, Invisalign, and even gum reconstruction! Call our Suffolk County, Long Island cosmetic dentists at 631-296-0570 today to request your consult with Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot!

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5 Best Toothpastes to Fight Plaque and More

4 Dec 2017 by  admin in Whitening

Let’s make something clear right off the bat: if you aren’t diligent about brushing and flossing, no miracle toothpaste in the world will preserve your pearly whites. However, if you do follow your dentist’s advice, the right dentifrice can go a long way in preventing gum pain, stained teeth, enamel erosion, cavities, and other more serious issues.

In making our best brand list, we took into account the fact that many people have different concerns, and we identified what we deem to be the most-effective toothpaste for each of five frequently cited categories.

So Many Toothpaste Choices

It sounds simple, right? Go to the local drugstore, and pick a box of toothpaste off the shelf – easy-peasy! Not so anymore:  the market is flooded with options and you can be overwhelmed by what should be a quick decision.

Ada Cooper, DDS, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association (also called ADA) says the first thing you should always do is look for the ADA seal on the box. It shows that the product has undergone extensive testing, it lives up to its claims, and the ingredients are effective. She adds that factors like gel or paste, cinnamon-flavored or spearmint, have no bearing on the dentifrice’s ability to combat problems.

1. Best Overall Cavity Fighter

When you wake up in the morning and you feel like your teeth are wearing fuzzy sweaters, that’s plaque at work. 24/7, this sticky film of bacteria is trying to coat your teeth. Worse, it interacts with certain foods—primarily sugars—to produce acids that chew away at your teeth’s enamel, which results in tiny holes (cavities) or erosion.

The solution? The ADA refers to it as “nature’s cavity fighter” — the mineral fluoride, which coats teeth and protects them from cavity-causing acids. And while most toothpastes contain fluoride, you can rest assured any product that has the ADA seal and claims to be “anti-cavity” will fit the bill.

Tartar, or “calculus,” comes from bacterial plaque that has hardened.  And no matter how often you brush, once it has formed, only that little pick-with-a-punch that your dentist has can scrape it off. However, toothpastes containing tartar-fighting elements can prevent the plaque from hardening. Look on the label for ingredients like pyrophosphates or zinc citrate. Crest Tartar Protectiois one ADA-approved option.

Another easy tip: next time, try brushing and spitting—but not rinsing. This leaves the fluoride behind and gives the ingredient more time to work, an added safeguard.

2. Best for Discolored Teeth

Whitening toothpastes have been all the rage the last couple of years. These products contain mild abrasives that help polish teeth and prevent the buildup of additional stains. It’s important to note, however, that they will likely not be able to remove stubborn, older discolorations.

To flash a brighter smile, look for pastes or gels that contain modified silicone abrasives. Our vote goes to Rembrandt Deeply White. If you’re not satisfied with the results after one month, ask your dentist about other teeth whitening solutions.

3. Best All-Natural Product

Contrary to popular belief, all-natural, herbal toothpastes can be just as effective as regular toothpaste. The all-natural brand Tom’s of Maine offers ADA-approved whitening and anti-cavity options. One to try: Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste.

4. Best for Sensitive Teeth

If your dental professional has ruled out cavities or root infections, you may have extra sensitive gums or exposed roots, which aren’t necessarily signs of poor brushing or flossing habits.

Look for toothpastes containing a desensitizing ingredient like strontium chloride or potassium nitrate (either will do) to help lessen the pain. One we like: Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste.

5. Best for Dentures

Don’t be swayed by marketing claims — toothpastes for regular teeth will work just as well for dentures. Fizzy tablets or solutions have also been shown to clean well. Our choice: Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser Plus Scope.

Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, the practice of Dr. Elliot Koschitzki and Dr. Nick Augenbaum, specializes in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Contact us about the many dental procedures that we provide including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and sedation dentistry.

Making Summer Break Plans? Put a Smile Makeover on Your To-Do List

7 Jun 2017 by  admin in Uncategorized, Whitening

School might still be wrapping up for most students, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about the next school year. Specifically, how to update your look for the fall. Instead of settling for a different hair color or a new wardrobe, consider making a fashion statement with your smile. A warm, welcoming smile speaks volumes about your personality and can set you apart from the crowd. New York students of all ages can turn to Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry for a customized treatment plan that may include teeth whitening, dental bonding, and metal filling removal and replacement.

Get a brilliantly white smile in just one visit

If you want rapid results that you can enjoy during summer vacation and back-to-school season, it’s hard to beat professional teeth whitening. Just one visit can remove stubborn discoloration and dramatically whiten your smile. The over-the-counter whitening products you’ll find at the supermarket simply can’t compare to professional-grade treatments. Your cosmetic dentist can use whitening gel that is enhanced with light therapy, or you can receive custom-made trays to use at home.

Maintain your brilliant smile by brushing after consuming heavily pigmented foods and beverages, and by using whitening toothpaste as recommended by your dentist.

Fix minor chips with dental bonding

Teeth are quite strong, but they can get chipped from time to time. If a chipped tooth is detracting from the beauty of your smile, your summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to get it fixed. Dental bonding can effectively fill in the chips, and it only takes one visit.

Prevent future chips by treating your teeth gently. Don’t chew on ice, pencil erasers, or other non-food objects. If you play sports, always wear a mouthguard. And if you tend to grind your teeth during your sleep, talk to your dentist about wearing a custom nightguard.

Get rid of that “metal mouth” look

Metal fillings are definitely a dated look, but you can return to school in the fall without that embarrassing “metal mouth” look. Talk to your cosmetic dentist about getting those silver amalgam fillings removed. He can replace them during the same visit with composite material instead. This composite material can be custom-shaded to flawlessly blend in with your beautiful smile.

Start straightening your teeth for a flawless smile

Teeth straightening isn’t generally thought of as a quick process, but if you only have a minor malocclusion, it’s possible to make significant progress during your summer vacation. Your dentist may recommend Invisalign, which can effectively straighten your teeth without detracting from your smile. When you return to school in the fall, you’ll probably still be wearing your clear plastic aligners. However, no one will be able to tell the difference—and in no time at all, you’ll have a beautifully straight smile.

When you become a patient of Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, you’ll receive the expert dental care you need and the personalized approach you deserve. We provide customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plans based on your comprehensive oral examination, cosmetic concerns, and preferences. Call our cosmetic dentistry office on Long Island at (631) 296-0588 to request your one-on-one consult.

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1 Month to a Brand New Smile

7 Mar 2017 by  admin in Uncategorized, Whitening

Invisalign, dental implants, and similar dentistry treatments are effective ways of improving your smile. But what if you don’t want to wait a long time to reap the benefits of cosmetic dentistry? If you’ve just received a last-minute wedding invitation, you’ve realized that you urgently need a beach vacation, or you’re ready to hit the dating scene, it’s time to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your quick smile makeover options.

“Many of our patients come to us with the intention of getting a rapid smile makeover,” says Dr. Elliot Koschitzki of Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. “There are plenty of options to choose from, but not every choice is right for every patient.”

Dr. Elliot goes on to note that, during a one-on-one consult, patients are encouraged to discuss their specific concerns before receiving a set of customized treatment recommendations.

When pearly whites are no longer white

You’ve undoubtedly seen a plethora of teeth whitening products at the supermarket, ranging from special toothpaste to trays to strips. But do any of these really work? According to Dr. Nick Augenbaum of Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, “Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can help reduce discoloration, but they work very slowly, are ineffective against deeper stains, and frequently cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.”

Instead, Dr. Nick suggests an in-office treatment that uses a professional-grade bleaching agent activated by a laser. You’ll see a brilliantly white smile after just one appointment. Plus, your dentist will take measures to protect your gums and teeth to prevent unwanted side effects.

When old fillings are still visible

Amalgam fillings were standard years ago, but they have significant drawbacks. The metal is clearly visible when the mouth is open, which substantially detracts from one’s appearance. Plus, many people have concerns about the potential health risks of these old fillings. Fortunately, just one trip to a cosmetic dentistry clinic can have you saying goodbye to your old metal fillings. Instead, your dentist can add a composite material to reshape the tooth. The shade of this new filling blends in seamlessly with your teeth for a flawless smile.

When there are multiple problems that you wish to hide

Even if you have more extensive, multiple issues with your smile, you can still get the beautiful, healthy look you want in one month or less—but you shouldn’t wait to make an appointment. Porcelain veneers effectively camouflage stubborn stains, uneven teeth, gaps between teeth, and chipped teeth. This cosmetic dentistry treatment requires a couple of visits. During your first appointment, you’ll have an impression made of your smile. This is sent to a lab, where your custom veneers will be fabricated for you. After a couple of weeks, you’ll return to the dental office for your brand new smile.

Get your custom smile makeover in Long Island

At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Elliot and Dr. Nick specialize in helping our patients look as young as they feel. We offer customizable smile makeover options for patients who need rapid results, including laser teeth whitening, amalgam filling replacement, and durable porcelain veneers. Get a prompt appointment by calling our Suffolk County clinic today.

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What is Tooth Whitening Gel?

14 Feb 2017 by  admin in Whitening

Have your pearly whites lost their brilliant luster? There are many things that can cause tooth enamel to darken over time, and unfortunately the net effect can tarnish more than just your smile – it can also be a great source of anxiety and embarrassment.

If tooth discoloration has diminished your confidence or willingness to smile, there’s no need to fret.  With the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist, you can safely brighten your chompers with a specially formulated tooth whitening gel. There is a lot of misconception about the power, efficacy and safety of tooth whitening products, which can be purchased at your local pharmacy, or provided by your dentist. While all whitening products have bleaching agents designed to brighten enamel and tackle stubborn stains, there can be a big difference in peroxide – the active whitening agent — concentrations.

Here at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we love to help our patients say adios to yellow, dingy teeth and hello to a beautiful, movie star grin!  If regular cleanings and whitening toothpastes just aren’t making a difference, we invite you to come by our Suffolk County office to learn more about our at-home teeth whitening treatments, which are favored for their convenience and affordability.

Tooth discoloration causes

It’s no secret that lifestyle factors play a huge role in tooth discoloration.  Smoking is perhaps the worst offender, followed by poor dental hygiene and the regular consumption of staining drinks and foods. So-called “extrinsic” stains include those caused by tobacco, coffee, colas, wine, tea, and deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables. If you aren’t able to brush your teeth after a cup of coffee or fizzy cola, the next best thing is rinsing your mouth with water to prevent surface stains from occurring.

You also need to consider age-related discoloration, since tooth enamel naturally thins out over the years, allowing the yellow-hued dentin to show through.

Intrinsic darkening or discoloration may result from trauma or damage to the tooth (including chips or cracks), as well as childhood exposure to older Tetracycline-based antibiotics that are rarely used today in pediatric patients.

At-home tooth whitening gel

The good news is that professional strength tooth whitening gel can dramatically improve the appearance of teeth that have turned yellow, gray, brown, or have noticeable white streaks. During a consultation and evaluation, Dr. Elliot or Dr. Nick can recommend an appropriate treatment to give patients the stunning white smile they desire. For patients whose discoloration is superficial in nature, an at-home whitening kit can lighten teeth considerably in just a matter of days.

The kit uses custom plastic trays which are created on-site in our office.  Patients are asked to wear the trays with a small amount of whitening gel for up to 30 minutes a day. The tooth whitening gel concentration will depend on the type and severity of the discoloration. Most patients see brighter, whiter teeth in 7 days or less, though treatment can last 10 days.

Get the smile you’ve always wanted

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments at our Long Island practice for good reason. A luminous, white smile improves confidence and radiates good health. To learn more about our In-Office Whitening & Take Home Gel specials, or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to call (631) 296-0609. 

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Get Your Teeth White As Snow This Winter

9 Dec 2016 by  admin in Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile is the best gift you can give yourself this winter. Teeth whitening is, in fact, one of the quickest and least expensive ways to enhance your appearance in a way that is subtle and natural, but stunning.

Dr. Elliot and Dr. Nick at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry offer several different products to help you achieve your goal of obtaining teeth as white as fresh-laid snow this winter.

In-office teeth whitening

Most patients opt to have their teeth whitening done at a cosmetic dentist’s office. A brief exam is conducted to ensure there are no unaddressed cavities that will require filling before the teeth whitening procedure. Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry uses a chemically-activated gel tray system that is further enhanced with light therapy and a take-home whitening pen. The whole in-office teeth whitening process can be done within an hour’s time.

At-home teeth whitening trays

Another teeth whitening option better than buying a boxed kit are custom teeth whitening trays, which are made from impressions of your teeth. Results can be seen after wearing the trays for 30 minutes a day, over a period of 10 days. While at-home whitening takes a little bit longer, patients with sensitive teeth and gums generally respond better to a slower whitening process.

Customized teeth whitening

There is no “one-size-fits-all” teeth whitening system, say cosmetic dentists. For instance, an 18-year-old who drinks a lot of coffee or eats a lot of pasta may come in with mildly tarnished teeth and be fine with the Sinsational Smiles treatment. Yet, someone with decades of tartar, Calcium deposits and deep staining may need a stronger in-office product like Opalescence Boost – a more concentrated product comprised of 40% hydrogen peroxide.

Christmas wishes granted for all types of discolored teeth

Some teeth are stained below the surface levels and may not respond to tray teeth whitening. Common causes of severe tooth discoloration include:

  • Tetracycline antibiotic use before 8 years of age
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Genetic defects like dentinogenesis or amelogenesis
  • High childhood fevers
  • Severe neonatal jaundice
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Overexposure to fluoride

In these instances, you may still achieve the snow-white smile you’ve always wanted with dental veneers. During this process, a layer of enamel is scraped away and covered with an ultra-thin layer of porcelain that looks and feels like true enamel.

Treat yourself every year

The holiday season can be a good reminder to get your teeth in order. For the best results, dentists recommend:

  • Brushing your teeth after consuming wine, coffee, grape juice, or tomato products.
  • Abstaining from tobacco products.
  • Using a whitening toothpaste.
  • Booking a routine cleaning every six months.

Enjoy holiday savings on teeth whitening

‘Tis the season of giving. Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot are offering a free consultation for all new patients ($150 value) and great savings on our in-office teeth whitening and take home gel. Call our Long Island cosmetic dentistry office at (631) 296-0549 to arrange your visit. 

Additional Teeth Whitening Resources: 

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“The staff is wonderful and the office is very clean. The most extensive exam I have ever had, treatment plan was designed specifically for me with my needs and wants. The Dr. Nick spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. This is the place for real one on one dental services.”
- Arianne U.

100% Would Recommend

What Our Clients Say About Us
"I needed work and had anxiety. The entire office made me feel welcome and as calm as I could get. I am almost finished and so happy with the people and the work done."
- Karen
"As a resident of both New York City and Long Island I am so pleased to have discovered this practice. Up on all the latest dental procedures and techniques makes necessary treatment easy and well done!"
- Corrinne K.
"I would recommend using Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. They helped me change the way I look dramatically. Thanks so much!"
- Jason C.