Smiling Can Make You Look Younger, Study Shows

18 Sep 2015 by  admin in Whitening

The next time you’re at a carnival or county fair and want to win a prize, head over to the “Guess Your Age” booth, put down your money, and give a big smile. A study recently conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin predicts that since most people find a smiling person more attractive and youthful, they’ll likely guess that you are considerably younger than you really are.

Dr. Edward Lowe, editor in chief of the America Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, tells why when he says that smile lines make it challenging for someone to correctly predict someone else’s true age. So it would probably behoove you to smile a lot more, but that’s not really an alternative for someone who’s self-conscious about the condition of his or her teeth.

Winning smile projects confidence

The AACD says that normal wear and tear will cause your smile to begin to deteriorate in your 30’s and 40’s. Early signs are worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, or discolored teeth. Just as these are signs of aging teeth and predictors of your physical age, your smile (or lack of) is a predictor of your state of mind.

A winning smile is the outward projection of a winning personality–your self-confidence, your ability to deal with life’s stresses, your willingness to engage the world on both a professional and social level, and your sense of general well-being.

So how can you look younger? An article in the August edition of the AACD Journal gives some useful advice on how to maintain a youthful look and keep those pearly whites gleeming.

Tips for healthy, beautiful teeth

If your teeth have become misaligned or uneven over time, ask about a simple tooth contouring procedure to smooth out the shapes and angles. A symmetrical appearance to your smile is far more youthful and attractive than uneven teeth.

If you’ve noticed your teeth have slowly become discolored or stained, it’s probably too much coffee, tea, wine, soda, or even tobacco if you’re a smoker. Teeth whitening does a very effective job of brightening your smile.  An experienced cosmetic dentist knows how to create a bright smile without overdoing the whiteness. You want a healthy look, not an artificial one. Porcelain veneers or CEREC crowns can also cover broken or chipped teeth, giving you the youthful smile you had years ago.

Another move you can make that might not seem obvious at first is to replace your old black silver mercury amalgam fillings. The brightest smiles you see in magazines have had their old fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings. These fillings are not only natural looking, but can prevent future breakdown of the tooth unlike the older amalgam fillings, which tend to cause hairline cracks over time.

Other steps to achieve a more youthful smile

The AACD suggests using moisturizer around the lips to help avoid the formation of wrinkles around the mouth—a sure sign of aging. In the summertime, a lip protectant or gloss with an SPF of 15 or higher is also beneficial.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants like dark chocolate, berries, beans and many others are great preventative medicine to prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

The AACD article points out one last simple but effective hint for preventing staining and other problems in the future. After eating or drinking, take a few seconds to rinse out your mouth with water. Any active staining ingredients or trapped food particles will be washed away.

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"As a resident of both New York City and Long Island I am so pleased to have discovered this practice. Up on all the latest dental procedures and techniques makes necessary treatment easy and well done!"
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