Study Shows New Smile Can Make You Look More Intelligent & Successful

31 Dec 2014 by  admin in Whitening

This will come as a shock or disappointment to some, but it’s not your Jimmy Choo’s or your Brooks Brothers suit or your $200 haircut that will impress at your next job interview, big meeting with the boss, or dinner date. A recent study by a noted social psychologist says it may be your teeth that make the difference in what someone thinks of you.

Dr. Anne Beall, a social psychologist and market research professional, conducted a study of 528 people on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry to determine how much of a role teeth play in social and professional settings in evaluating a person’s “comeliness” or general appeal.

The study’s protocol was to show a series of head shots of eight smiling male and female faces taken prior to cosmetic dentistry and after cosmetic dentistry procedures to a statistically valid cross-section of the population. The individuals’ “before” shots were smiling faces in normal states of dental disrepair—yellowed, slightly uneven, or irregularly spaced. No teeth were missing or visibly decayed. The “after” shots included the same original subjects after each had undergone either mild, moderate, or major improvements to their smiles including teeth whitening, same day implants, veneers and dentures.

The respondents were never told about the dental procedures that were performed but were only asked to make snap judgments on a scale of 1 to 10 about the subjects based on ten characteristics—attractive, intelligent, happy, successful in their career, friendly, interesting, kind, wealthy, popular with the opposite sex, and sensitive.

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In a world of selfies, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook where our physical image is so tied to our value in the eyes of others, the results were not surprising. The subjects who had already had cosmetic dental work (the “afters”) scored higher in every category than their “before” photos. The categories where the respondents most clearly connected a good set of teeth to a personal attribute were in attractiveness, wealth, popularity with the opposite sex, intelligence, success in one’s career, and being interesting. The bottom line is that the “before dental work” subjects were perceived as being less attractive, less successful, less intelligent, less interesting, less kind, less sensitive, and so on.

An earlier 2004 study done for the AACD found that 96% of adults think a nice smile makes a person more attractive to someone of the opposite sex.  Three quarters of the respondents in that study felt that an unattractive smile jeopardized a person’s chances for professional success.

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We live in a fast moving world where we are used to making lightning fast unconscious calculations and judgments about people we are meeting for the first time. First impressions are, for better or worse, lasting impressions. These studies underline the importance of having a highly qualified Long Island cosmetic dentist like Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry on your side when making a positive impression on those you meet is important. And you cannot underestimate the residual effects of empowerment and self-worth that come with putting your shoulders back and offering a big confident smile to the world.

Achieving that brand new smile is affordable and easy. Call Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot to set up a cost-free consultation to figure out the most appropriate cosmetic alternatives for you and to discuss various payment options that work for you.

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